This year at the Mackenzie Summit

As we traverse the strategic avenues of disruption, it's important to remeber to synergistically align our networks to catalyze transformative conversations.


In the quest for corporate enlightenment, we gather to investigate the latest in holistic paradigm shifts. Buckle up, as we embark on an odyssey through the nebulous lexicon of synergy.


Forget incremental tweaks. We’re talking seismic plate tectonics here. The playbook has been thrown out the window. Pirouetting on the edge of disruption, together we move forward in brand new directions.


What do Elon Musk and Mary Poppins have in common? Come refine your innovation sandbox in a playdate with the fearless corporate trendsetters of tomorrow.

Summit Presentors

From blockchain to the passion-projects of AI-powered inno-venturers, the Mackenzie Summit is the place where powerful people network with even more powerful people.

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    Paloma Owen
    Coleman Enterprise

  • Placeholder presenter headshot

    Cannon Noble
    Mica PT

  • Placeholder presenter headshot

    Hunter Lim
    Ailani Inc

  • Placeholder presenter headshot

    Cal Martinez
    Mack Limited

  • Placeholder presenter headshot

    Harper Harrison
    Harmony International

  • Placeholder presenter headshot

    Gavin Poole
    Baker Melton

  • Placeholder presenter headshot

    Bonnie Wall
    Kline and Sons

  • Placeholder presenter headshot

    Issac Greer
    Huber, David and Beck

Do you possess a compelling narrative of achievement, an innovative technological solution to present, or a game-changing case study? Presentor submissions are currently being accepted.

Speaker Proposals

Live and Direct from The Anytown Conference Complex and Hotel

Conference attendees drink coffee and chat
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What Attendees are Saying

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    Last year's summit was a convergence of cutting-edge insights and industry luminaries, truly emblematic of forward-thinking collaboration. From the outset, organizers demonstrated a keen ability to curate a transformative experience that seamlessly merged thought leadership with actionable strategies. Sylvia Gray, Pagac-Hill ENT.
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    The keynote session was nothing short of visionary, providing a panoramic view of emerging trends and disruptive technologies. Panel discussions fostered an environment conducive to synergistic dialogues, underscoring the conference's commitment to catalyzing innovation. Joelle Duarte, Prosin Group

Networking opportunities

Strategically woven into the fabric of the event, participants engage in high-level discourse with peers, thought leaders, and solution providers. Carefully orchestrated breakout sessions provide a deep dive into specialized topics, offering invaluable insights that are poised to redefine industry benchmarks.

Summit Schedule

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